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"One Stop Shop" For The Voluntary Sector In North Lanarkshire

clubsportnl pulls together all the former sports councils within North Lanarkshire to provide a “one stop shop” fit for the 21st century to support the voluntary sector and assist them to achieve their potential whilst providing a whole range of services for members to work towards a “fit for purpose” status.

Managed by the volunteer for the volunteer and supported by North Lanarkshire Council / North Lanarkshire Leisure.

The MOST important benefit of membership shall be the knowledge, skills and experiences that members bring to clubsportnl, you / your club/ organisation are the most important asset that clubsportnl shall have as an organisation.

North Lanarkshire Council and North Lanarkshire Leisure recognise the invaluable role that the voluntary sector play in promoting health, sport and physical activity to the residents of North Lanarkshire and firmly believe that clubsportnl is the correct vehicle to ensure that this continues to be the case.

In these difficult financial times that we all face, clubsportnl shall work with its members to reduce the financial burden on the voluntary sector by sharing resources and providing opportunities to explore external funding.

clubsportnl ethos is all about partnership working with other members, NLC, NLL, Governing Bodies etc. this philosophy shall allow us collectively to provide many direct and indirect benefits to those we work with.

Although, still in its infancy we firmly believe that given time clubsportnl shall be a model of good practise for others to follow and shall be a benchmark organisations for others to aspire to.

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